Silly things I have done in my life

I am always banging on about not getting pregnant accidentally to the girls I work with at London escorts, but I have got pregnant twice accidentally. Really I should be taking a leaf out of my own book, but I don’t even seem to be able to do that. It is silly, and you would have thought a girl who has worked for charlotte London escorts as long as I have, should know a lot better. Still we can’t help when our emotions take over. Like I say to myself, I now have to lovely daughters to show for it. They are growing up to be lovely young ladies and I love both of them very much.

Do they know that I worked for a London escorts service? No, they don’t know and I have not intention of telling them. It is enough that my husband knows, and I don’t think my two girls would understand about London escorts anyway, and it is best that they don’t know. They may even get teased in school. The funny thing I that both girls were products of make up sex. My husband keeps telling me that they were meant to be, and I think that he is right about that. Since I left London escorts, I have had a lot of positive things happen to me, and I count my two girls as blessings. They really are, and I don’t regret for one moment leaving London escorts to get married and having the girls.

I don’t think I am one of these women who would be able to live without children. But, I am glad I worked for London escorts. All of the money I earned at the agency has gone towards our family home. Compared to many other families we have a good lifestyle. I have decided I am not going to worry about London escorts anymore and do the best I can now to live a much more normal lifestyle. It seems to be working out so far apart from my surprise babies.Is there something special about make up sex that gets you pregnant? I think there must be. Once I can understand but I am afraid that twice is a bit odd.

Could it be that your hormones really do affect what happens in your body so much after you had a row that it is easier for you to get pregnant? Just one of those questions that science has not found an answer to yet. Never mind, I had better get on, almost time to cook dinner. Life for me now is certainly from when I worked for London escorts, and I would have it any other way. Yes, I did well during my time, but working for a supermarket is a lot of fun, and some of the girls I used to work with pop in for their groceries, so we get a lovely chance to have a chat. Yes, I am still keeping my ear to the ground.

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