Long before I joined London escorts, I realized that my mum was an alcoholic.

I did not move away from home to become an escort, I moved away from home because my mum was ruining my life. Now that we have not spoken for ten years, I feel so much better about myself. I don’t have to worry about her and I honestly really don’t care what happens to her. To be frank, I did all of my caring for mum when I was young.

In the end, I could not handle my mum any more. My education crashed and burned because of my mum and I had to no guidance in life at all. As a matter of fact, my mum went through this period where she took stuff like Valium and Librium. She used to give them to me as well if I ever felt anxious about going to school. But like I tell my friends at London escorts in http://acesexyescorts.com/, I used to fall asleep in class when my mum had given me such strong pills.

My mum always used to threaten suicide when she drank too much. It used to scare me like mad so I took to hiding all of her Vodka bottles in my room. I thought it might help and stop her drinking. But instead she just went out and bought new stuff. If I am completely honest, I cannot think of any one time my mum felt like mum to me. She lied and cheated to get hold of what she wanted to get hold of. Another girl here at London escorts had a mum who also drank too much and she knows what I am talking about.

Do I feel guilty about not talking to my mum? I have had a relative phone me up and ask me to speak to my mum. She is now in a home for old people as she never had me until later in life. I had to tell him that I could not honestly be bothered as I did not feel anything towards my mum. To most other people who have not been in the same situation, what I am saying must be hard to relate to and seem too much like an invented.

The other day when I had worked the night shift at London escorts, I was in bed watching this TV program. It was about kids who had experienced addictions problems in their childhood. Most of them had come from homes were at least one of the parents was an addict. I could totally relate to what they were saying. This is the only time when I wrote down the number to a help group. Next time when I have some leave from London escorts, I am going to go to see. It would be good to talk and feel that somebody finally understands you. Personally I feel that I have been able to sort out my life and I am glad about that.

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